Frequently asked questions

How much do I earn from my auction?

AuctAds will take a 10% cut of your final auction winnings to offset processing fees, moderation, and development costs.

Is this against Discord's Terms of Service or Community Guidelines?

AuctAds does not have any functionality that violates any of Discord's Terms or Guidelines.

In addition, we contacted some individuals on the Discord team to ensure that there's nothing AuctAds violates. They did not find anything about AuctAds that violates Terms or Guidelines.

Attached below is a short conversation between AuctAds and Discord.

Is it safe to link my Discord account or server?

Absolutely, and you'll notice when you login with Discord that we only request certain permissions that cannot be used maliciously. You're also in control of what permissions the AuctAds bot has on your server. It only needs permissions to the channel you'd like to run ads in, and that's it.